Here at Code 5, we believe there are 5 key pillars to a happy, healthy life – Community, Accountability, Gratitude, Teamwork and Celebration of Success. Our vision is to use the code to help 30,000 people lose over 5kgs and keep it off for ever.

* Individual results may vary.


“Hi, my name is Liz, I initially lost 20kg to achieve my goal weight, however despite continual training I eventually regained 6kg and was struggling to lose it. With the guidance of Code 5 I began PT sessions along with my group training. The trainers altered my workouts, advised me on nutritional plans, and enabled me to not only lose that 6kg, but also maintain it. Now not only am I maintaining my goal weight, but I have also gained muscle where I needed it and I feel toned and energized. Code 5 has proved to be both a fantastic gym but also an amazing community filled with staff and members who are there to support you even on the ‘bad days’ and push me to reach my full potential. I highly recommend Code 5 to anyone that is serious about transforming their body but also gain a family at the same time.”

“The knowledge and coaching at Code 5 helped me build healthy habits that transformed my body, my strength and my energy levels. The atmosphere is highly positive and motivating due to the constant encouragement and cheers from trainers and my fellow trainees. Training in this gym is much more effective than trying to do this alone as I am stronger, healthier and mentally sharper. I also improved my self confidence and manage stress better. I highly recommend Code 5, their commitment to my success truly helped me achieve my best physique ever!”

“I’ve been a regular gym goer for some years now and I’ve also tried personal training before… but Code 5 is something different. A Code 5 trainer isn’t sitting next to you, playing with their hand phone as you sweat it out. They are actively monitoring your form, encouraging you, and checking to see if you can up the weight, or whether you’re at your limit. I haven’t seen trainers more passionate and knowledgeable about their field.
The training program here is detailed and continually adjusted to meet your changing body and needs. Coupled with a strong dieting plan, it’s impossible not to get results. I have recommended many friends to join Code 5.”MEL

“From the very moment I began training at Code 5 it began to resemble the feeling of home to me. The positive energy at Code 5 motivates you to improve yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle.Through the coaches, I have learnt so much about proper diet, body weight management methods, training and living a happy, healthy and balanced life. I may have lost 26kgs but I also gained a lifetime of friendships, something which is immeasurable.I’m glad I found Code 5 and would consider it my best decision ever for my life.”

Rugby sevens has been the most physically demanding sport I have ever played both mentally and physically. Since starting training at Code 5 gym I have continued to lose fat % and gain muscle mass. Helen has been an absolutely amazing coach that has guided me through this process. Since I’ve started training with her, my rugby stamina and strength has improved immensely. The Manly Mermaids have a large competitive squad of over 30 girls, with only 12 chosen each week to play. Because of the work, I have put in at Code 5 I have been selected most weeks. Due to the fast nature and impact of the game injuries do occur quite frequently. Helen always accommodates any injuries I have and integrates new exercises and management strategies I can implement throughout the session that prevents further injury or strain. Not only has Helen helped me increase my physical strength but her knowledge on diet and nutrition has helped me understand the ways I need to fuel my body while maintaining high muscle mass. Training 5 times a week with Helen at Code 5 has been a testament to my success in rugby 7’s.

At the beginning of 2018 I joined a gym, Code5 in Warriewood, to enhance my training for Dragon Boat Racing. I have had many training sessions with Helen Renner, both group and personal. She has been an essential part of my fitness and strength training. She has an abundance of sensible and practical knowledge on nutrition, physical and mental good health and fitness. 
I was recently selected for the NSW State team at the National Championships and won two gold medals. Also my local Pittwater Racing club did extremely well in the medal count and we have qualified for the World Titles in France in August 2020. 
I am extremely grateful for Helen’s professional training and support in achieving these goals and will continue to train with her in the future.

* Individual results may vary.